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Variable Enhancement Services

Nonprofit Community Development Organization:
Variable Enhancement Services has been developed since 1996 by Derrick Dwayne Pringle Sr., in Brooklyn, New York, assisting disadvantaged individuals and families through communities to achieve a better life.

Acknowledging many people being affected by the lack of education, employment, property and business owner rate, Variable Enhancement services began to be more involved with the community issues. After taking a closer look at individuals and family situations, V.E.S came to the conclusion, there were even more dilemmas plaguing the American society.

The majority of the people were from single parent homes which showed to have a tremendous contribution to their situations. Admitting the responsibilities of replacing the void was left up to themselves. Individuals decided to grow up sooner than others, which led to most of them becoming young parents, young workers/hustlers, and dropping out of school.

Communities began to deteriorate and the values disappear, contradicting everything many past environmental leaders stood for and established; increasing homelessness, homicide and imprisonment percentage rate by 50%. This introduced the need for an organization with the communities’ interest to be developed, so became the creation of Variable Enhancement Services.