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Sunday, December 18, 2011

32-year-old Brandt Lollie, stabbed and killed by girlfriend in north Philly.

Police say a man was stabbed to death by his girlfriend early Sunday morning in Wissinoming. Police say that a 32-year-old Brandt Lollie was stabbed in the neck at 5217 Cottage Street at around 6 a.m. by 27-year-old Marchelle Pickney. Lollie was pronounced dead at the scene and Pickney surrendered to police immediately. She has been charged with murder and related offenses.

Brandt Lollie quotes: Bossman, family first..EVERYTHING else secondary.

Brandt Lollie holds his Brother Troy, during a night on the town 
Dedication to my Brother: Oh Oh people of the earth Listen to the warning The seer he said Beware the storm that gathers here Listen to the wise man. I dreamed I saw on a moonlit stair Spreading his hands on the multitude there A man who cried for a love gone stale And ice cold hearts of charity bare.
I watch as fear took the old men's gaze Hopes of the young in troubled graves I see no day, I heard him say So grey is the face of every mortal. Oh Oh people on the earth Listen to the warning The prophet he said For soon the cold of night will fall Summoned by your own hand. Oh Oh children of the land Quicken to the new life Take my hand Fly and find the new green bough Return like a white dove.
 He told of death as a bone white haze Taking the lost and the unloved babe Late too late all the wretches run These kings of beasts now counting their days.
 From mother's love is the son estranged Married his own his precious gain The earth will shake in two will break And death all around will be your dow'ry Oh Oh people of the earth Listen to the warning the seer he said For those who hear and mark my words Listen to the good plan. Oh Oh - and two by two my human zoo They'll be runnung for to come running for to come out of the rain Flee for your life Who heed me not, let all your treasure make you Fear for your life Deceive you not the fires of hell will take you Should death await you. Oh Oh people can you hear me? Oh People can you hear me?
 And now I know, and now I know And now I know, and now I know And now I know, that you can hear me The Earth will shake and two will break... The Earth will shake and two will break... The Earth will shake and two will break... And now I know, and now I know... And now I know, and now I know... And now I know, and now I know... And now I know, and now I know... Listen to the wise man, listen to the wise man Listen to the wise man, listen to the wise man Come here, Aye you Come here, Aye you Come here..... Listen to the man, listen to the man Listen to the man, listen to the man Man...... God give you grace to purge this place And peace all around may be your fortune. Oh Oh children of the land Love is still the answer, take my hand The vision fades, a voice I hear Listen to the Madman! But still I fear and still I dare not Laugh at the Madman.

Bronx Police Kill Unarmed teenager in his home
Sunday, February 2nd, 2012

As the Bronx community met with the New York City Police Department on Saturday to talk about Thursday's shooting of 18-year-old Ramarley Graham, surveillance video that was released and first aired on NY1 shows the unarmed teenager entering his home moments before he was killed.
Authorities say Ramarley Graham fled from narcotics officers who approached him on White Plains Road and 228th Street in Wakefield at around 3 p.m. Thursday.

The officers put over the radio two separate times that they thought Graham had a gun. Police say they ordered the teen to stop but he went into his house on 229th Street.
Officers followed Graham into the house's second-floor bathroom, where the teen was fatally shot and found to be unarmed.
The pursuit was captured on surveillance video released on Saturday by the lawyer of the landlord of Graham's family.

In that video, Graham can be seen walking up to the house and entering through the front door. Seconds later, police officers are seen running up to the house. Some try to kick open the front door, while others search for alternate entrances.
Minutes later, the police entered the house through a first-floor entrance in the landlord's apartment and then opened the front door to let other officers enter.
"Clearly they were intent on getting into the house, they were intent on capturing this young man and they were intent on doing whatever they did. It's unfortunate,” said Neville Mitchell, the attorney for Graham's landlord. The officers then followed Graham to the second-floor apartment, knocked and then kicked open the door and found Graham in the bathroom, where he was shot moments later.
Mitchell said the officers had plenty of time to calm down before entering the house.

"They're outside for some time in the front. They go to the back, which is where we're standing, and for several minutes this young man is apparently inside the house. And for several minutes there, outside the house, I don't know what they're doing there in terms of communicating with their command, or if they are talking about what's going on," said Mitchell. "What's clear, though, is that there was enough time for them to reflect on what is happening and this tragedy should not have happened."
Graham's six-year-old brother and grandmother were in the home at the time and his little brother is seen on the video being consoled by officers.
Police say they found marijuana in the home and think Graham may have been trying to flush some down the toilet when police entered the home.

Meanwhile, the local community continued to react to the shooting and met with Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson and law enforcement on Saturday afternoon.
“What I told the community was just an outline of how we handle these cases. The fact that our presence is there, from the day of the incident we had assistant [district attorneys] there, they were there again yesterday. They've been briefing the chief of the Homicide Bureau,” said Johnson.
The NYPD is reviewing a copy of the surveillance video and is continuing to investigate. In the meantime, a police officer and a sergeant who were on the scene have been placed on modified duty.

Angry Crowd protest with rage.
The beginning of 2012 has been marked by the NYPD's rein of terror. First, NYPD officers brutally beat 19 year old Jateik Reed then days later they forcefully broke into the Bronx home of 18 year old Ramarley Graham where they killed him in cold blood. Activists and community members organized to rally against the inhumane and terrorist tactics that the NYPD continuously inflict on Black and Brown communities with Stop and Frisk and unwarranted surveillance and harrassment in these communities. The People want answers and demand that the NYPD are convicted of these crimes against humanity.

Understanding and questions answered. 

R.I.P Ram...and may your soul live on,and i know your in a better place bro....i didnt know or meet you but we are all brothers and sisters,so one love,probably meet you when i get there
By: dongkemar

gay rights,have the right to do or be in a relationship with whoever they want to,why?because it is their life,their who's life it is if I use my money to buy marijuana and use...isnt it my life,my money?...fucking unfair we didnt put yall in seats to control us,to murder us,to slave us...whats up with the unfairness?
By: dongkemar

chasing and breaking into someone house for what you call a taking his life solve the crime? or isnt that the real crime?....WTF Bloomberg,Obama,is this life?dont yall think if u deal with everyone fair you still could get anything you want or its like it is your desire to see us suffer and murder ....smh
By: dongkemar

so you gonna tell me that your going so hard..all the way to break in someone house for marijuana,weed is not a crime...yall dont want us to smoke weed,because it wise us up,and show us all about life and divide us from material and mind-kind stuff...cigarette is legal smh,yow government man are wicked...
By: dongkemar

The reason Blacks are catching hell from the so called white man, is because it's prophesied in the bible, negros must wake up, and realize they are the bibical israelites, and get back to our heritage those fake white jewish people stole from us.
By: jojo24love

What's ironic is that NYC police use the unlawful "stop and frisk" tactic every night to try and catch people with drugs, when it was clearly ruled by the courts that they can only pat you down to see if you have a weapon. It clearly states that they can't feel for "soft items" like drugs - yet that's all they do. NYC police is the most corrupt and despicable force is our nation.
By: 1775novten 

@1775novten I'm from Toronto, Canada, and the Toronto Police are just as corrupt as the NYPD, when it comes down to racial profiling, shooting unarmed black teens, and men, I have a few relatives from Queens, New York, and they tell me the tales of these police terrorizing the black, and latino community and it's quite similiar.
By: jojo24love

@jojo24love What a shame.
By: 1775novten 

...Is it bad that hearing about this stuff doesn't really bother me anymore...?

@Touchofred239 yes
By: 1775novten 

@1775novten Oh well, sorry cops shooting 'shady' people isn't really news anymore...
By: Touchofred239 

@Touchofred239 Shady people? Kids who smoke weed? Are kids who drink beer shady people? How about adults? Are adults who smoke weed shady? Are adults who drink shady? Get over yourself. This is absolutely wrong. This is America! If you condone behavior like this, go to North Korea or China where it's acceptable for cops to be the judge, jury, and executioner, and decide to take someone's life because they're 'shady.' Cannot believe I have to explain this to an American citizen...
By: seanone23 

when you got white cops patrolling a black neighborhood anybody that's black has baggy pants is a target. all this kid did was adjust his baggy ass pants from falling down and he became another police casualty. they broke the door down and chase this kid inside. if the police had seen an actual gun they would have never chase this kid inside a home cause police are truly cowards with uniforms. i guess the fire department is going to have two more ex cops in their employees list.
By: peterwo2e 

@peterwo2e this kid didn't have baggy pants, you can see that in the video, baggy pants is out, and over with. His jeans were well fitted. These police wrote in the report to why they intended to inspect, and investigate, but these were just so called indications to give reasons for their unlawful tactics, it's a pattern, they continuously do this, and that is simply ''LYING'' in the police report
By: jojo24love 

Why are they so trigger happy?
By: commandorando123